Monday, May 16, 2011

HB87 Disgust 2

I was going to speak today of my knowledge of what happens at our borders, but with so many inquiries about this new law I am going to speak of this today. The first thing about this bill is it IS going to require "racial profiling". I think most peoples belief of Hispanics.. (which I might add this bill/law is not going to be the only people it affects there are a lot of "illegals" that are of other origins, Irish, Asian, etc) is that they are of dark skin and brown eyes. That is NOT true. If you do not believe me, please feel free to do your own research into several different states just in Mexcio alone, where their skin and eye color is the same as mine. For anyone who does not know me, that would be white and very blue-eyed. One of the next growing populations of illegals in this country are the Irish. How is it going to be possible for the HB87 law to be enforced without "RACIAL PROFILING"? It cannot... and that is against the Civil Rights Act. So, the only people who will be asked for their documents of citizenship will be people who are of "dark-skin and brown eyes".. which leads us to racial profiling. My understanding of this law is you can only be asked for your Immigration documents in the commission of a crime but in my heart I don't believe that will happen, I believe this law will be used to the full advantage of any one able to enforce it. This bill also from my understanding has NO-FUNDING, so where exactly is the money going to come from to support such a law. It was passed to appease people who were tired of the quote on quote Immigration problem, but the American people need to do their homework. My blogs are simply my research and my opinions, please feel free to do your own research. Tomorrow I will talk more about the other stipulations of this law from my point of view.

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