Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Disgust behind this Bill

The HB87 was passed into Law in Georgia on May 13th, 2011. A law that I have spent so many hours reading and could not believe it was signed by Nathan Deal. The only thing I really could think was he must not be a christian man in order to have passed such a law. How can you blame "illegals" for being in this country... and when I use that word I use that of any race that can be here undocumented, I get tired of the stereoptype that it is Mexicans because "illegals" is a vast term. Use it correctly if your going to use it. This law breaks every Civil Right Act that Martin Luther King worked so hard to put into place in 1964. What if, I ask, just what if.... there had been immigration when this great land had been taken from the Indians so many years ago. None of us would be here. With that being said, if you are reading this blog, do you call your self a christian? God does not put up borders in this world and say where his people can and cannot go. I have been married to a man of Mexican decient for many years, have watched the process, know much about immigration procedures and how alot of the "illegals" get into this country. I guarantee you would be shocked to know it is Americans also known as "coyotes" that bring them here. Yes... AMERICANS!! They charge "illegals" $1500.00- $1800.00 to bring them accross borders to our country, then you have Delta workers who get a cut of this money to get plane tickets to fly them where ever they need to go here in America. Yet, people worry about "illegals" being here and taking jobs that Americans dont want in the first place.. be more worried coyotes will bring accross terroists for the right amount of money because coyotes do not care who they bring accross the border so long as they get their money.
My blog tomorrow will continue with how are Border Patrol does alot of the same. Think our borders are safe.. please. They will let anyone cross for the right amount of money, but thats for tomorrow.


  1. I always go back and forth on how I feel about this subject. I think the ones here should be given amnesty and then go about securing how they all want from that point on. Closest thing to a compromise I can come up with.

  2. Thank you Kimmy, I agree. Amnesty for the ones already here especially for the ones paying their taxes and doing what is right, closing up the borders for a time frame while this process is being handled.